Argument Essay: The Library Language

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go to library to read books, can access the interlibrary system, so it is called the library language. Goods delivery can be done by one click of the mouse or touch pad. Simply It is said that a tool of info edutainment. This sort of technology- enabled communication gives you more mobility, more ability and more time to do several things in a day. English has been taken as an apt symbol for themes of Globalization, diversification, progress; apart from this it completely grabs the full attention of all the citizens in the world because it is indispensable in fulfilling their desires and to complete the tasks, daily activities and chores. It is very essential to master and get command over the global language to get on with these major societal…show more content…
This gives us natural ease with English. There is an old Hindi proverb which says that “Language changes every eighteen or twenty miles”. This is true of English too! English has risen to the height of sky; a national language became an international language which has high demand and prominence. It is highly impossible to just imagine the world without…show more content…
The reason behind this is the students are tested in the above mentioned areas at the end of academic year in examinations. Thus, speaking turns out to be a neglected skill in many classrooms. Students may be thorough with the knowledge of grammar and a wide vocabulary which is used to pass examinations but they find it more difficult to communicate in the targeted language. The anxiety to perform well in examination creates the child rote-learner than critical thinker. The primary function of English teaching today is to renovate pupils into products and thus an effective communication skill comes into picture. Teachers in the rural milieu where English happens to be a second language have to realize this fact. Our students need to be exposed to those skills which can make them employable. While rural areas lack in the requisite ambience, teachers can make much use of the easily available

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