Communication Skills In Graphic Design

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When employers search for a graphic designer they look for specific skills, many of these skills can fit into one of three groups. The employment skills, these are the qualities that show how one functions in a work environment, such as one's flexibility or good time management. A designers artistic skills can also play a large role in graphic design. When creating a design there are many aesthetic aspects that can help make a design stand out, such as good use of color or design principles. Last but not least the technical prowess of a designer, employers will look for how well you can use the industry standard programs, such as many types of Adobe programs, and how well you can learn new ones. These three types of skills are essential…show more content…
Communication skills are important in any job, however, good communication skills are needed even more so in graphic design. When you create an idea you have to market it to people and talk to clients and employers about what makes this design great. In graphic design, a designer must learn to communicate visually as well. As a design must convey a feeling or message through elements besides audio. Using persuasion may be necessary for selling an idea. Good communication can make working in a team much easier. As working in a group requires good communication and working in groups on a project is not unusual in the field. Being able to communicate effectively is important in the field of graphic design. It is a graphic designers job to communicate things visually but it is also important for a designer to be good at written and spoken communication as well. good communication makes a designer stand out. A group that can communicate well has a better chance of selling an idea or completing projects together. ( Cousins 10 ) Obviously being able to convey things well, whether with a design or just working with clients, is a very important skill for a designer to have under their…show more content…
Being well versed in most Adobe programs is expected by clients and employers alike, so it's a skill worth learning. Even if a designer is not well versed in all Adobe programs having the knowledge of one can help understand another as Adobe programs are very similar to one another. Being well versed in a program can also be useful in the execution of an idea. Creating a design is much easier when a designer knows the ins and outs of the program and what it is capable of. Technical prowess can help with areas a designer may be lacking such as creativity. Understanding the industry standard programs is an important skill for a designer to acquire as it is the most
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