Communication Strategies In Crisis Management

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. INTRODUCTION The paper studied Communication Strategies as a Basis of Crisis Management including the use of the Internet as a Delivery Platform. And the hypothesis for the thesis is: Effective Communication is essential for Crisis Management; the Internet as an effective tool in Crisis Communication. The main question of the research is: Is Effective Communication Essential for Crisis Management and the Internet as an Effective tool in Crisis Communication? The sub- questions are: What is Crisis Management? What are Communication Strategies? Finally, how is the Internet as a Delivery Platform for Crisis communication? The main objective of the thesis is: To determine communication strategies as essential for crisis management through the…show more content…
Crisis management has various numbers of stages but the study will consider crisis management based on three stages (Richardson, 1994; Hale et al., 2005; Coombs, 2007b). These are a pre-crisis phase, response phase, and post-crisis phase. Pre-crisis comprises prevention which minimizes crisis risks; and preparation relating to designing the crisis plan, forming, and training crisis teams and testing the plan and teams to see its effectiveness. Crisis response involves activities managers undertake during the crisis. Public relations perform a key function by assisting in developing messages to the discourse community. The stage includes initial response and reputation repairs as well as behavioral…show more content…
There are varieties of crisis communication channels such as blogs, television, radio but this thesis will limit itself to the internet. Organizations could create a special website for crisis or uses part of its existing website. Taylor and Kent (2007) argued that having a crisis website is a best practice for using the internet. Stakeholders including the media, resort to visit the internet during a crisis Sometimes businesses fail to publish crisis at their websites due to strategic reasons. These comprise crisis is very small so stakeholders will not notice from any source. But in the modern advanced technological world, this is a misguided if not dangerous assumption. Taylor and Kent (2007) and corporate leadership council highlights the web as other means for an organization to present its side of the story and if not using it, creates a risk of losing how the crisis story is

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