Communication Strategy: Analysis Of Marketing Communication Strategies

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ACTIVITY 3: ANALYSIS OF MARKETING COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES Marketing communication strategies address the issues of how (Processes, activities) when (stages of the marketing-mix) and to whom (target market & audience) a company might want to sell or advertise its products or services. They are the staple of an organisation competitive positioning as they directly or indirectly persuade consumers, by either changing their perception of a brand, or persuading them to purchase a product or service. Effective communication strategies will make sure that the right messages are conveyed to the right audiences through the right channels. The marketing mix of a company or the 4 P’s (product, price, place promotion) aims to directly or indirectly…show more content…
Let us note that no major organisation in the twenty first century could open or lease retail stores without inaugurating & securing its online presence. In addition, some companies only operate online with no physical presence on the retail scene or on high street. That is the reality of business today. Consequently, a traditional marketing mix applicable to a brick and mortar type of business (B2B) should carefully be differentiated to a digital E-commerce (web-marketing mix) applicable to a click and mortar type of business. (B2C) although both traditional marketing mix are constantly coupled and aligned to achieve the best results. With all the above marketing indicators, we can customised templates of how marketing communication strategies could be put to efficient use and implemented, if coupled not only with the three basic communication modes but if utilised in accordance to a product, service life-cycle and a solid marketing mix. A marketing communication strategy should…show more content…
That is the idea of marketing implementation, creating and launching a product/service that meets or satisfies a specific target market (audience) needs and wants, at competitive and accessible prices, then distribute them, advertise their benefits and utilities through various channels of communication. Marketing implementation is often achieved at the functional level of an organisation management. It puts into action the decisions and choices taken at corporate and business unit level of the

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