Communication Strategy: Indigo Airlines And Airasa India

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Comparison of Communication Strategy followed by IndiGo airlines and AirAsia India
This work studies and compares communication strategies developed and applied by the IndiGo airlines and the AirAsia India airlines. Both are low cost carriers operating in India focused on offering no frill service to passengers. The essay first defines the ‘high level’ corporate mission and goals that these organizations want to achieve. Then, it continues to analyze how the communication mix looks like for both the organizations and compare both of them.
Introduction Communication strategy can be briefly described as the way a company communicates its goals and promotes its products so that it will be able to motivate the chain of events which will eventually lead to either customer buying the product or customer getting a certain perception of the company.
The strategy should be able to communicate the following points (Copy Strategy):
• The promise : the main benefit of the service/product
• The proof : the demonstration that lends credibility to the promise from the customer’s point of view,
• The benefit : the advantage that the customer stands to gain,
• The tone: the overall feeling of the advert (professional, entertaining, official, elitist, etc.).
A low-cost carrier is an airline that generally has lower fares and fewer comforts. The basic idea of a low cost carrier is to provide as much minimal service to a passenger as possible so that the cost for the airline would be
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