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9. Communication PRESEMESTER KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING Describe your communication style? My communication style is direct and to the point yet respectful and open. I want to let others know exactly what I feel or think while being mindful of other opinions and open to suggestions and feedback. How are other people affected by how you communicate? Other people are affected by how I communicate because their response to me is based on how I communicated with them first or presented my position. If I request a sit-down meeting, that is more personal than an email. How do you communicate most often? I communicate mostly face to face or via email. Because I am very busy this semester with class and activities it is difficult to always meet in person. Thus, email works great for me. What do you think is your biggest communication weakness? My biggest weakness in communicating would have to be changing my style to adapt to my audience. Sometimes my direct approach is not the …show more content…

My personal mission in life is to never give up, never give in, think outside the box, and to be myself. My personal motto in life is that faith, hope, and love are the three greatest gifts in life where love is the most powerful of all. With that in mind, I see myself living life to the fullest. Do you have any ideas about what your career might be? If so, identify them. I feel strongly that I want to be a financial analyst or financial planner when I graduate and pursue a business career. I have always liked handling my own personal finances, and from there I aim to help others manage their money and assets so that they too are successful. Ideas as to what your vocation might be? If so, identify them. I believe my vocation is to be able to help others. I have always been very empathetic and coupling this characteristic with my business drive and skills, I hope to work for a company that tries to make the world a better, safer, and smarter

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