Communication Style: Bill Gates's Transformational Leadership Style

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Bill Gates’ Transformational Leadership Style
Being successful and rich at a young age is every teenager’s dream, but so few of them actually do something about it. Bill Gates, on other hand, dropped out of school and pursued his dream, which he could not do when confined within the classroom. He may not be a perfect example for youth, as they need to be in school and learning something, but his success story definitely is. The difference between him and other students is that he was gifted, which is probably why the classroom setting didn’t appeal much to him. He also succeeded in his pursuit rather than go astray or something after he dropped out. Again, another difference, a big one.
Today, as the #1 billionaire in the world as of 2015,
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His social network includes the like of Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg.
He is also a visionary and a charismatic person, both of which are evident is his philanthropic work.
What are his weaknesses?
He wield dominance, which is probably expected of a leader, but often makes him less relatable.
His communication style and results-driven reputation is something questionable.
He is also been known to avoid conflicts rather than face them.
Not perfect, as you can see. However, the fact remains that Bill Gates is a great leader. He rules with a transformational leadership style where a leader inspires positive changes in his followers. There are four different components of transformation leadership.
Intellectual stimulation is when a leader encourages creativity among his team.
Individualized consideration is when support and encouragement are given to individuals rather than to an entire team.
Inspirational motivation is when a leader is able to clearly communicate his vision to his followers.
Idealized influence is when followers trust and respect a leader they end up emulating his ideals.
How does Bill Gates do it?
He follows a long-term

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