Communication Styles In Communication

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Since many decades ago, sociological experts have tried to understand the differences between male and female conversation styles. Although different experts have different opinions about gender communication styles, there is one aspect that they all agree upon, which is that men and women have very different purpose and goals in any kind of conversation (Broadbridge, 2003). According to Deborah Tannen in her book “You Just Don’t Understand : Women and Men in Conversation ”. The differences in communication between man and women is so different that it is compared to a cross-cultural dialogue where women hear and speak a language of intimacy and connection, while men speak and hear a language of status, dominance and power (Tannen, 2010). Furthermore, academic research has argued that the different methods of communication between genders shows the different priorities between the male and female gender during conversation. For example, the male gender tend to be more goal-oriented, focusing on achieving tangible outcomes by using a more assertive communication style, while the female gender tend to be more relationship-oriented focusing on “building bridges”, using a more cooperative communication style to do so (Merchant, 2012). As for Big- Five personality dimensions, the trait of neuroticism is most related to emotional intelligence. The reason is because neuroticism is defined as a tendency to easily experience unpleasant emotions such as anxiety, anger, or depression
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