Communication Technology Disadvantages

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In this time and ages people can communicate in many different ways rather than speaking face to face. Technology is worldwide and you can communicate with people from anywhere in the world in the better of minutes. Communications technology can included; mobile phones, tablets, Ipods,Iphones, Ipad and social media.
It helps us in many ways, it can broadcast information to a wide number of people around the world in a short period of time. It’s good for advertisement because it’s quick easy and on social media it is free advertisement. It is very accessible from anywhere because most people have smart phones with internet and email on them. Social media has become the most popular and effective use of communication technology, the reason because you can connect with anyone within minutes and it’s very accessible. Communication technology has an impact in public and private life. It has been proven that it has an impact on your public life it’s more of an advantages then a disadvantages, you can find old friends though social media, you can even find your partner though dating websites. The disadvantages of it is, you can get false information or exploit the use of social media which can result in misunderstanding, loss of properties or even life’s sometimes. In your private life there are more disadvantages then advantages. The advantages is you can stay connected with family and friends even if there not in the same country. The disadvantages are hacker can easily get your
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