Communication Technology: The Positive Effects Of Communication In Society

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Females are attracting more slowly in chat rooms and other communication areas than men (Pierce, 2009). In these days, technology plays an important role in our daily lives, especially in teenagers’ lives. In addition, the increasing of using technology made teenagers tend to use communication technology such as texting, rather than talking face-to-face. According to Lenhart, Madden, and Hitlin (2005), “approximately 75% of teens use instant messaging on a regular basis” (Pierce, 2009). However, a number of organizations have examined if communication technology has negative or positive effects on teenagers’ relationship with their families and friends. The results are varied from study to other according to diversity of theories. One studies found that people who feel shy with face-to-face communication, these technologies are better for them to help them communicate with their families and friends much easier (Pierce, 2009). On the other hand, according to Shim, (2007), using technology will reduces the time they spend with their families. Therefore, because talking face-to-face is not good for those who may be shy and feel inhibitions about talking with others in person, teenagers should use communication technology rather than talking face-to-face to have more time to reflect and contemplate, feel freedom and decrease social anxiety.

Texting gives teenagers time to contemplate before saying any word to the person who has a conversation with, it gives them chance to

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