Communication: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Written Communication

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It sets when a message is transmitted through the written word. This type communication includes memos, letters, periodicals, notice boards, reports, manuals, emails, etc., or any device to transmit words or written symbols. The disadvantage of written communication is that it requires more time for its preparation. Moreover, it does not allow interaction, no immediate feedback, causing opt for verbal communication, which quickly solve some problems, because, normally, the parties takes a long time involved in expressing ideas on paper, in distributing the message and wait for the written replies. In addition, it is stated that written communication may hinder the open communication (Cornelissen, 2011) a. Emails Nowadays it is the common means of communication to use a different form of communication that is digital technology, which carries messages between senders and recipients. There are both written and oral means of communication, which is carried or taken electronically since…show more content…
However, communication is termed as horizontal communication, which occurs in between purposeful manager or subordinates by occupied under one boss. Thus, communication between managers of different factories hold cases of such communication as horizontal communication is verbal as well as written. The solution streamlines everyday problems through horizontal communication avoids the need for anything the boss. It also has the function to support each other, give encouragement, and share feelings and to organize social events. This same union is what allows them to defend themselves when they have too overbearing boss. Finally, one of the most important functions of horizontal communication is given information by way of rumor, when the information provided by the company is not enough and generates anxiety (Cornelissen,

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