Communication: The Four Components Of Communication

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Introduction Communication is not about a field of knowledge to understanding the meaning of channel or convey the message, but it is about science social. In other word, communication can define as one activity that we do in our life likes spend time together with other people, sharing the ideas, opinion and think with society (Mansor Ahmad Saman, 1984). Some differences in meanings reflect our unique experiences in relationships and in life (Wood, 1998). Of all the knowledge and skills that we have, communication is the most important and useful. Whether in your personal, or social life, communication will continue to be your most vital asset. From the communication, we can know more about the four components of communication and why it is important. The only constant in life is change, and the more you accept your strengths, especially in communication skills, the better will be your interactions and the more your social popularity. The importance of developing communication skills and feel confident and empowering to face any type of situation in life. Communication conceptual definition Communicate means to commune, or to make common. In other words, communication is the process of passing information from a source to a receiver. When we communicate with another person, we seek to create common perception of feeling, attitudes, goals, desires, ideas, experiences, and so forth. The heart of communication is meaning (Wood, 1998). According to Schramm and Roberts2,

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