Communication: The Impacts Of Technology And Social Media

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Communication is a key factor for a society, especially when discussing important matters, whether it deals with a new election, new research, politicians, or weather. Communicating can be affected by a lot of different forces, however, the progression of technology has had one of the biggest effects on communication, especially in the journalism world. Technology has allowed people to stay connected to the world twenty four seven and be entertained by more than just the news. Celebrities, blogs, and the latest trends take over technology and social media, making it difficult for journalists to stay in and current. Even when the news is being discussed and written about, a lot of the negative news is overpowering the positive stories, therefore, journalists are getting some negative vibes and having to stay on a thin line. Printed stories seem to be disappearing, mainly when whatever knowledge is needed can be provided by the internet and the technology behind it (Krotoski). This technology has had great impacts for people, created new art, and even opened doors for journalist outreach, however, it has made certain aspects more difficult. The technology that is used to communicate has altered society in a substantial way, positively and negatively. Communicating between people can be done on phones, laptops, and computers through games and social media, opening opportunities to connect with more people and ideas than ever before. Every update on a phone or computer opens

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