Communication: The Importance Of Communication In Society

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Every creature in the earth has developed means to in which they convey their thought, emotions and feelings to one another. However, humans have the ability to use words to convey their messages which set them apart from other creatures. This ability to communicate helps us to communicate with people around us and give us importance in our daily life. There are many functions that we gain through communication such as social networking, information agent, education, persuasion and so on. These functions are the reason for us to communicate with people. The word communication actually originated from Latin which means “to share”. It means the sharing of information or message between to different people. It is the process of sending or receiving messages from one person to many or vice versa. Communication process can be conducted in different ways such as verbal or non-verbal form its either in the form of oral communication, written form, behaviour or sign. All this methods are used to deliver or receive a certain message form one person to another. In other words communication is an art of influencing…show more content…
Besides that communication educate us to be more responsible and cautious when we are sounding or giving opinion about something. This is because we should be responsible for what we say that’s why we should always be careful with our wording, speaking tone and expression in order not to hurt or have a misunderstanding with our partner. We get to learn to be more confident and increase our self-esteem level when we start to communicate with peoples especially with foreigners rather than native people because we should have a language base such as English in order to communicate with foreigners from America or so

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