Reflective Essay On Meta Communication

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1. Self esteem is simply put the thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves. When we

think poorly about ourselves our self esteem will also be worse, however when we think positively

about us as people our self esteem rises. Beebe (2008) wrote, “Closely related to your self- concept, or

your description of who you are, is your self- esteem, your evaluation of who you are. Non verbal

inner speech or self talk is a major influence of self esteem. Through well preformed communication

one will enhance the way one views themselves. The way others view us also plays a part in how we

view ourselves. People think highly of others that have well developed communication skills.

Successful communication is linked to greater self esteem
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If I had just been mentally present when the teacher was speaking I could have received the

message. By waiting to think about what I was going to do after school at the right time there would

have been no noise.

3. Meta communication is simply put thinking actively about communication. Within meta

communication there are three distinct parts anticipatory, adaptive and reflective. Each

part is best used in different stages of communicating, whether it is at the beginning,

middle or after communication has ended. A strength in my communication is defiantly

my ability to adapt to other. For example when I was sitting in my friends car yesterday

he asked me what I thought of one of his favorite films. Without thinking I told him I

did not care for it very much. Almost immediately he became very upset and hostile.

After I had realized this I decided not to change my mind and agree the film was

enjoyable, however explained why I felt that way with examples. Although he did not

agree with me the conflict was resolved. However my ability to reflect on a past

communication is weaker. After I communicate with someone I do enjoy thinking about

the events that had occurred. However I do not often remember how the person

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