Weakness Of Communication Essay

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For keeping communicate going
My communication weakness is cannot keep communication going. The reason is that I am not good at sharing myself to the others. That is why I get bothered sometime by not having topics for talking with others. However, I feel very uncomfortable when I stay with someone without talking anything. Especially, when I talk with the person whom I do not know well. I had had this kind of experiences before. For example, if I had a opportunity to talk with people whom I fist met, I could not build good relationship after that because I cannot talk well. Therefore I waste many chances that I meet a lot of people. In my opinion, to meet and know many people will help me to wide my point of view. In addition, it will show me my new possibilities. That is why I want to overcome this weakness. I am going to write the way I tried to overcome it.
I found four reasons why people behave that way. First reason is to avoid hurt and rejection. The most common reason for not sharing ourselves is because we believe that the person we reveal it to may use the information to hurts us or may reject to us when they know our inner selves(Pj Boardman, 2012). Second reason is to avoid conflict and protect a relationship. Culture influences people’s views of self-disclosures and whether
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First reason is to experience catharsis and improve psychological health and control. Self-disclosing about troubles provides some relief from those troubles(Pj Boardman, 2012). Second reason is to achieve self-awareness. We able to clarify our self-concepts by the feedback we receive from others when we disclose and by the process of hearing ourselves disclose(Pj Boardman, 2012). Last reason is to initiate a relationship. Self-disclosure within get-acquainted conversations is accompanied by linking or feelings of social attraction to conversational partners and by an increase in positive emotions(Pj Boardman,
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