Communicative Competence In Communication Essay

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The need for successful communication tends to be increasing as the result of globalization, science, technology and trade. It is essential for the young generation to be well equipped with the basic skills of communication. EF students in HCM USSH are specifically prepared for obtaining good communicative skills, both in the native language and foreign language, which in this case is English.
There is a relationship between communication skills and communicative competence. The communicative competence refers to a language user’s grammatical knowledge as well as social knowledge in which students know how to use language as stated by diverse situations. (Freeman, 2000).
Some activities in enriching students’ ability in communication are carried out in various ways. The most frequently used activities are games and role playing (Littlewood, 2008). Students are motivated and given chances to practice speaking and communicating in dissimilar social context and social roles (Freeman, 2000, p.134)
Games can be considered as outstanding communicative activities (Saricoban & Metin 2000). A common misperception is that learning should be careful and dignified in nature and if one is getting pleasure and there are amusement and laughter, it is not really learning.
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Games introduce an element of competition into language building activities. This gives valuable impetus to a purposeful use of language (Prasad, 2003). These activities create a meaningful circumstance of language use. It also makes learners focus and think intensively during the learning process. A research conducted by Huyen and Nga (2003), students claimed that they enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, the competition and the motivation which were created during games. On the effectiveness of games, many teachers reported that the students seemed to memorize quickly and maintain the materials better in a stress-free and comfortable
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