Communicative Competence In Communication

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The language is a system used by all; means that it is also a social phenomenon and the system is abstract. Being able to communicate is one of the purposes of learning a certain language. Communication is an act of transferring mental concept from one’s mind. In this case, mental concept is one of two-sided entity of signs that Saussure defined. The two entities are signifier, which is a material aspect that is a true form of material or thing in nature while the other one is signifier, which lead to the mental concept of human brain has. In communication, there are lots of thing that has to be considered, started with the Chomsky school term known as communicative competence and communicative performance. Communicative competence is more likely to be focused in teaching a certain language. It is because communicative competence including some aspect contributing in deigning and defining communicative competence. The parts of communicative competence are grammatical competence, Sociolinguistic competence, discourse competence, strategic competence. It has been known that mastering all four aspect of the competence will lead to the successful. The production of language is not only producing a utterance but it is more complex “The production of language demands the synthetic talents of an imaginary mental chef, who selects the appropriate ingredients, weighs them carefully, and then stirs them together into a creative new dish. The comprehension of a language, on the other

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