Communicative Competence In English Language

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Aytan Bayramova Writing assignment 3(topic C): Outline and evaluate different communicative tasks which are used to help a learner become a more fluent speaker of English. The goal of the Communicative Language Teaching is to build the ability to communicate.”Communication is the process of understanding and sharing meaning” (Pearson and Nelson, 2000). As Fujishin (2000) states, “communication never takes place in a vacuum”, and it always requires “a truly communicative setting”. Moreover, to exchange information effectively in different contexts, learners need to possess certain communicative competence that is “to know what to say to whom, in what circumstances, and how to say it” (Hymes, 1971). According to Savignon (1998), there are four components of communicative competence: grammatical (the ability to receive, create, and use grammatically clear messages), sociolinguistic (the knowledge of how to use the language appropriately in different social contexts), discourse ( the ability to select ideas and combine them smoothly into a text ), and strategic (the ability to fix communication breakdowns). The awareness of all aforementioned components may contribute significantly to the learners’ speaking skills development. That is why to help the students to become fluent speakers of the English language a teacher should implement a variety of communicative tasks like unscripted conversations, debates, role plays and simulations, and ranking exercises. To foster the
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