Communicative Competence In English

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The Communicative Competence of the 3rd and 4th year Bachelor of Secondary Education English Majors in De La Salle University Dasmarinas in Giving Desirable Response during their Major Classes Kryzza Lyn B. Faustino and Rea Hannah M. Sotto Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English Introduction Each person has the ability and capability to learn and speak a language. Not just that, every person can learn more than one language and in most cases, it is the mother tongue and the foreign language. Considering the Philippines, the mother tongue is Filipino and the second language is English. English is the language that is universally known around the world. Since it is an important aspect, Strang Burton, PhD, defined language as a vehicle for communication and what linguists do is look under the hood to see what makes language work. Language has been used to some communicative purpose in classroom practice for greeting, requesting and giving information, giving commands and the like even if the purpose have been restricted and such practice over-sparse. With these reservations it still remains true that ‘form’ rather than ‘meaning’ has dominated our teaching. Over the years, the understanding about communication has changed. If before there were essential tools used in order to start a conversation, now, the technology has made it easier to the point in which the message being relayed is converted the letters that will shorten its original word in order to minimize
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