Communism: A Form Of Government

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Communism is a form of government branching off from the larger Socialism, although very different in many ways. Communism began to see its end towards the end of World War Two and the beginning of the Cold War. Communism, in its simplest form, is a form of government in which the goods produced by the people and the income reaped is to benefit the entire working population instead of the individual. Economic gains and distribution is maintained by the idea of an authoritative economic strategy that controls the interest of the community. In Communism, the main goal is to have equality for both the social and the economic status. In order to achieve this goal, states ruled by the communist party do not have social classes and ownership of private property is non existent. All property belongs to the government, or the “community” and is distributed evenly.…show more content…
Marx and Engels were united by their similar principles and ideas of government. Marx and Engels wrote “The Communist Manifesto” trying to explain their views on communism and that communism is the only way to progress. Russia was the first country to completely incorporate Communism into their government. The Bolsheviks seized power of Russia through a revolution. They the new government assumed ownership of all property and implemented government control of railroads and
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