Different Forms of Government and Historical Documents

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Section 1: DISCUSS forms of Government (Do not quote, or give definitions) A. Communism: Under communism, the economy is controlled by the state. A single authoritarian party holds the power over the government. Communism is based on the belief of common ownership over the production of resources and the elimination of social classes (!). In that social order, all goods are shared among the people. This belief is entirely idealistic with no working or capitalist classes. Everyone will give their part based on their ability and take what they need. The state eliminates private property and capital to create this idealistic higher society (!). This form of government might work for smaller family units or tribes. Where the members know and trust each other intimately. But when the leader of a nation imposes it on the people it falls apart. Human nature would get in the way with people trying to maximize their benefits. B. Marxist: Marxism is a system based on the theories of Karl Marx. These theories formed the basis of both socialism and communism. He believed that the struggle of workers would progress into a socialist society and then into a classless society (!). The classless society is known as communism. The struggle of workers was the exploitation of a person’s labor by capitalists. C. Socialism: Socialism is not that different from communism. With socialism, the government controls the economy through the manufacturing and distribution of goods. In
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