Comparison Of Leninism And Communism

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There is a lot going on in the early 1900s Soviet Union. There are many different ideas and ideology floating around. One of the most important ones that is floating around is the Leninist version of the communist ideology. There is not a whole lot of differences between the two, communism and Leninism. Each one of them is very similar and is related to the other. Communism also can be described as socialism that’s looks to abolish private ownership of things and that strive to have a classless society, meaning everyone with be in the same class. Leninism can be termed as the socialist economic and political theories of Lenin. Leninism has been derived from communism.
Communism was developed as a theory after the Bolshevik revolution
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Marx had his own theory of Marxism. This theory encourages the vanguard party to set up a worker’s state that will then set up the conditions for socialism. Marxism considers the loyalty based on class is the most important idea. Marx said that the common values of the industrial workers from the end of the nineteenth century are far stronger than other values. Now back to Leninism. When Lenin was a boy he was a convinced Marxist. He became radical later on in his life when his brother was executed. Then world war I happened and this changed, things changed a lot. According to the Marxist theory, the war should have never happened because the conflict only exploited the class of the capitalist owners. In response to the failure of the Marxist theory to explain World War One, Lenin invented the imperialistic theory. German workers were able to fight French workers because they betrayed the ideal of the Communist revolution. They did it because they became corrupted by the capitalist owners. The rich people from the great European powers were able to pay their workers better, to offer them pensions, medical treatment or basic education because the major European states exploited the poor countries. In this process, the workers from rich countries were no longer exploited but became accomplices of the “evil capitalists”. They become themselves the…show more content…
The Communist Revolution might never happen. The only way to obtain the ideals of the revolution is to actively fight for it by using any means. He explicitly encouraged mass violence. Lenin is famous for saying that the wars between armies and soldiers are just sports. The Soviet leader encouraged total war by implicating the whole population and using methods of extermination: “We would be deceiving both ourselves and the people if we concealed from the masses the necessity of a desperate, bloody war of extermination, as the immediate task of the coming revolutionary
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