Summary: The Rise Of Communism

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Eastern European countries fell into the control of a Stalinist Russia. The rise of Communism took place during 1945-1950. Communism is a political theory derived by Karl Marx. Communists believe that society should be classless and there is no private owned property, society would own the property; Communism is a form of Socialism. Vladimir Lenin made Russia a totalitarian government and after he died, Joseph Stalin took over and became the new dictator of Russia. Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Britain, tried to negotiate and cooperate with Stalin, with the help of Harry Truman and Franklin Roosevelt, the presidents of the United States. They communicated with each other through letters, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Truman were against…show more content…
The Cold War a time of political tension between the United States and Russia. The Western and Eastern fronts have different ideologies and since, “The West tended to overate Soviet power and hostility, which created hysteria, NATO was set up as a defense gesture by the Western Powers based on the fear of Russian aggression. In the States, President Truman initiated a document to stop the spread of Communism” (Knudtzon, “Eastern Europe: 1945-1989). The Western front was afraid of the Soviet Union because they were Communists. The democratic countries did not want Communism to spread to their countries and threaten their democracy. NATO, was made to defend countries from the Soviet Union taking over their nation, and the Truman Doctrine, the United States would help other countries affected by the Soviet Union spreading Communism, were created to stop Communism, which also caused the Soviet Union to also be afraid. The Soviet Union is not advanced as the United States, since, “The technology of war had changed, and Stalin’s simple response was to want the USSR to stay abreast of the transformation… In foreign policy, he felt nervous about the USA’s ambitions” (Service 301). The Soviet Union is worried about what the United States are capable of and what they want, which is to stop Communism. USSR taking over Eastern Europe and spreading Communism allows them to get resources from the…show more content…
Churchill recognizes the Iron Curtain, the border splitting up the Western front and Eastern front both under different ideologies, starting to be built. He sees the Iron Curtain as “Russian imperialism and the Communist creed [that had] set no bounds to their progress and ultimate domination” (Churchill 400). Russia is ambitious and is determined to control core land and spread Communism. Stalin is pushing to conquer more land and to spread more Communism, and nothing will get in his way. In the Yalta Conference, a meeting with Stalin, Churchill, and Franklin Roosevelt to discuss the aftermath of World War II and what should be done to prevent it from happening again, Poland was to have their own government, but Russia wanted to still occupy Poland and kept their forces there. Stalin does not agree with Churchill but does agree to using Yugoslavia, “As pointing the way to the most effective and practical solution of the problem of establishing a new united Government there” (Churchill 435). Stalin believes that Poland should not have a democratic government. Poland, under Russian control, will have a Communist government, which unifies Poland all under Stalin. Therefore, Stalin believes that the united government the Western countries want, is accomplished with Communism and taking over countries will unify them all under one ruler. Stalin wants to remain imperialistic and will

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