Communism Vs Fascism

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Why is communism and fascism so similar, yet are located on the opposite wings of political spectrum?

Many countries in the world have been ruled by these ideologies. On extreme left and one extreme right. Countries, which are under the influence of communism and fascism, have often fought throughout history. Despite that there are many characteristics, which make communism and fascism comparable. The establishment of these regimes was a crucial step to the beginning of World War II.

After the industrial revolution division of economical classes was created. Gradually societies came to a point, in which leaders often with radical political views ruled them. The most famous cases of countries being ruled by these ideologies are communist
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It created such fear and illusion of control within the population, that majority of the information was reported by the civilians themselves. People were scared that they would be sent to the concentration camps for concealment of information. Gestapo was incredibly effective. On the other hand there have been many cases of fabrication of reports. Since it was enough for one person to “suspect” another in treason in order for them to be taken, many have taken advantage of it in order to get rid of the individuals, that they disliked. The first concentration camp Nazis created was Dachau in March 1933, near Munich. Later on they were not called labor or concentration camps anymore, but rather extermination camps. Auschwitz is the biggest and most well known concentration camp. “In Auschwitz Birkenau, more than 1.1 million Jews, 70,000 Poles, 25,000 Sinti, some 15,000 prisoners of war from the USSR and other countries were murdered.” The prisoners were exploited for labor. They called it “extermination by labor”. The prisoners received so little food if any and the work that had to be done was so physically exhausting, that people were not able to last for long. “Arbeit Macht Frei” – work makes you free was the slogan of labor camps. To some extent it may be believed that death was freedom for the…show more content…
The aim of propaganda was to achieve total conformity of one idea. Propaganda has been around different kinds of medias such as newspapers, books, news, radio, TV, advertisement and other. Simple language was used for everyone to be able to understand –“language of crowds" It doesn’t even have to be noticeable, nonetheless still has a great effect on our minds. If done professionally propaganda can drastically change the views of individuals upon a topic. Adolf Hitler is most known for succeeding in “ convincing his country of the National Socialism ideals”. It played a large role in turning German people even more anti-Semitic. “The Jews’ economic progress, cultural achievements, and social ascendancy added a new dimension to their neighbors’ antipathy. In 19th century the Jewish community in Europe was to some extent accepted and respected. In 1866 even “German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck participated in the dedication of a synagogue in Berlin” in order to show appreciation to the Jewish society. How did the way Germans view Jews change into such radical hatred so fast? Hitler’s opinion on propaganda is described in his book Mein Kampf “Its task is not to make an objective study of the truth, in so far as it favors the enemy, and then set it before the masses with academic fairness; its task is to serve our own right, always and unflinchingly”. Goebbels was appointed to be the head of propaganda.
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