Communism Vs. Liberal Feminism

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During the time when slavery of blacks existed, an unfortunately significant social construct emerged, resulting in the harsh oppression of the female population. The oppressors, mainly white males, viewed women of different backgrounds as slaves, confined to the household. Accordingly, the civil rights movement introduced the beginning of what is called the feminist movement, bringing major awareness to women 's rights and issues, some of which are still present in today 's society. The feminist movement aimed for equality in all areas of life for both men and women; liberal feminism, supplemental to the movement, believed and encouraged the theory that all individuals are equal in the eyes of God. This implies that a person 's presumptions of one another should strictly come from an individual 's personal characteristics, rather than their…show more content…
On the contrary, women during that time had little freedom over all aspects of life. Ranging from employment to formal education, women often faced disadvantages due to the inferiority that men placed on them. However, as time went on, women became aware of the mistreatment from their male counterpart and began questioning the subservient role that they were accustomed to, leading to women 's fight for equality.
In these two essays, we will examine the different theories around Liberal and Marxist feminism. I will draw from Elizabeth Stanton 's essay "The Declaration of Sentiments", that the Liberal theory included in her writing demonstrates an accurate
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