Communism Vs Nazism

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In the first half of the twentieth century, two extremely destructive political movements were born. They were known as Nazism or European Fascism and Soviet Communism, which were both considered forms of totalitarian governments. Totalitarianism is the opposite of democracy. We live in a democratic system, allowing us to elect the officials we desire into office and have a say in what occurs in our government. However, totalitarianism, which reigned in the twentieth century, was the complete opposite. This means that utmost totalitarian governments were controlled by dictators, who gave a minute to no independence to their people. Totalitarianism was essentially designed to control every aspect of a person’s life in these nations. Leaders…show more content…
It originated from the remains of World War 1. Following Russia’s withdraw from the war, they were in demand of someone with power. Ultimately, the communist party under the rule of Vladimir Lenin came to power in Russia. Soviet Communism expresses the absenteeism of individual freedom; every aspect of life was coordinated by this government. After Lenin deceased in 1924, Joseph Stalin came to power in Russia. (r. 1928-1953) An estimated 20 million Soviet people perished at Stalin’s command or because of his policies. Stalin conducted enormous massacres of officials, military leaders and Communist leaders, which executed millions of people. No additional political parties were permissible under Stalin’s rule, and if there were, Stalin’s ruthlessness drove him to have his critics either executed or placed in prison. Repeatedly, they were referred to labor camps, called the Gulag, in the Siberian Wilderness. Stalin had his prisoners walk to these camps, most dying before they could even reach the camps. More than ten million men, women, and children died in the forced civilization of agriculture, and millions more were slaughtered in the horrid labor camps in the…show more content…
Totalitarianism triumphed subsequently to World War 1, in efforts to gain control and eliminate economic problems. Totalitarianism was one of the unhealthiest things to happen during this period, particularly in Germany and Russia. Millions of Russians, Germans, Italians, Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, and disabled lives were lost in result of dictatorship. Promises made and the blinding of civilians caused Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Benito Mussolini, to gain a massive amount of power, and exterminate millions of people. Although these dictators were initiating so much atrocious, and ferocious trials, people were blinded and ready for a change. They believed that if they respected these powerful men, they would be pulled out of the depressions that the first world war had begun. Their minds were fixed on the well-being of their country and their families, not knowing just how immoral the massacres in these countries would be. Hopefulness kept them inaudible. Soviet Communism and European fascism was the deadliest method of government in history and succeeded merely payable to fright and anticipation for a recovered life after the
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