Communist Manifesto Analysis

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Discuss the three main ideas from the Communist Manifesto

Throughout this essay, I will discuss the three main ideas from the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. The three main ideas I have thought about after reading his communist manifesto where about the struggles of social classes, the abolishment of private property and alienation of people through the social classes they were born into. Throughout these ideas there are some topics of conflict. The topic that interests me most is the differences between the social classes i.e. the bourgeoisie and proletariat. These are only his three main ideas from the manifesto that I have taken out, throughout his communist manifesto there are many more topics. - Class
Marx begins in the manifesto of
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Bourgeoisie class is defined as the owners of the means of production who live off of profits. These people derived there wealth from trade rather than agriculture. (Communist study guide) Whereas the Proletariat class are the people who work for a salary. Throughout history the bourgeoisie class is seen as becoming more and more powerful. How they ruled the political state due to their economic development. Marx famously notes that ‘"the executive of the modern State is but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie"(Communist Manifesto Summary and Analysis by Karl Marx) thus showing that the bourgeoisie class only care for themselves and the profits that they are making. This was not enough for the bourgeoisie social class they also needed to expand and exploit markets. This caused conflict between the two social classes. Although the bourgeoisie social class help the proletariat with education this was still for their own benefit for their own political goals. According to Marx the proletariat became tired of being treated this way and eventually the proletariat erupt into rebellion. They condemn all the bourgeois laws, morality and religions that were…show more content…
According to Marx the theory of communism can be summed up in one sentence which is “abolition of private property” ( By abolishment of private property, there was no more antagonism as there was no need for a social class. Marx says “middle class owner must be made impossible”, by saying this he simply means that society must be reorganized so that no one is allowed to own large masses of productive property (communist manifesto by Karl Marx). By doing this no conflict can occur as no one is in power, this is why Marx agrees with the idea of

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