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Discuss three main ideas from the Communist Manifesto This essay will be discussing three fundamental ideas from the ‘Communist Manifesto’ by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. In this manifesto Marx contrasts the communist’s aims with the existing capitalist’s ones. This essay will be evaluating Marx’s idea that class struggle is the creation of history, the bourgeoisie was responsible for their own collapse and the antagonistic relationship between capital and wage labour creates private property. These ideas are important because they led people to believe there was a need for change from capitalism. Capitalism is a way of organising that is based on means of production, profit and competition. It began to spread after the industrial revolution,…show more content…
The pursuit for freedom was the creation of history but Marx believes it was the conflict resulting from this pursuit that was the creation of history. He famously suggests, in the opening of the manifesto “The history of existing society is of class struggles’ (Marx and Engels, 1992). Both of these theories are derived from the feudal system. Class divisions are first seen in the feudal society. A feudal society is a society that contains a hierarchy. An elite class essentially rules and dominates everything the inferior class does. These class divisions are the different levels within the hierarchy. Marx states that these class divisions are seen through Ancient Rome through to the Middle…show more content…
What Marx is demonstrating is capital, to be of worth, must exist between relationships. Capital is a source of social power. Workers do not receive capital in exchange for their labour. They do not gain any more power. They receive a minimum wage, which is enough payment to keep the labourer barely alive to return to work the next day to earn more capital for the capitalist. To Marx, wage labour has no benefits for the worker; it is just an asset to the bourgeois. This is exploitation of the worker by the middle class to attain private property. Kieran Allen defines exploitation when someone is forced to give something for nothing (Allen, 2011). This antagonism is the foundations of private property. Wage labour does not create property for the proletariat class. It essentially creates private property for the middle class. Marx and the communists want to get rid of this exploitation of wage labour and abolish bourgeoisie’s private

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