Community And Society: The Importance Of Community Service

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1.0 Introduction
Everyone has that one place or environment they call their familiar. That place where someone would call home. A place where you have been brought up and all the people around you are of the same social class. This is a good place to be because it give one a sense of belonging. However this may also be dangerous because it often restricts people’s view to life, as many people, especially those brought up from well off backgrounds often have no clue about what goes on outside their social class bubble. Community service often enables people to see life from another pair of lenses, see and experience what the unfortunate in the society really go through, and most importantly it allows people to find ways to improve the lives
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Community service can also be seen as a way of creating an awareness and understanding of certain societal issues that affect our communities. For example, an individual, who has been born and raised up in a relatively stable and well off background volunteering their services to an orphanage, can be able to learn life in the eyes of an orphan child who has never been able to experience the love attention and care of being brought up in a proper home and family. This individual will in one way or another be able to find ways in which they can help and better the lives of such people in his/her society, instead of looking down upon…show more content…
The serenity and calmness of the place, away from the hustle and chaos of the town life is so inviting. Actually, it was the first place that I came across as I was searching for a place to carry out my required community work, and I fell in love with the place at first sight. The buildings seem to have been there for several decades but are still in good condition. I was greeted with warm enthusiasm from the trainees/employees of the place, and was pleasantly surprised by majority of them, because as I conversed with them, they do not come across as disabled at all, but normal people with just a slight difference from us. As I walked into the administration block of the institution I couldn’t help but feel that this was the place I would want to volunteer. After briefly chatting with Tina, the head supervisor, about the various requirements, Joseph, one of the trainers, took me around to just have a look at their work stations and some of their finished products. My face couldn’t help but light up at the sight of the finished goods that I laid my eyes on. I was explained to the processes that are carried out in order for the jewellery pieces to look as they did, and in my mind, I knew this is what I wanted to do. This is where I wanted to help out. Being able to learn the process of jewellery making and helping them to meet

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