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After I was studying secondary school, I tried different ways to improve my English. In addition, my mother was hiring a teacher for me to enhance my English skill. However, it did not help me, and it contributed me to hate English even more. On the other hand, I knew that after I finished my secondary school, I needed to go to American to study university. It meant that I had to improve my English. Therefore, I started watching movie or video and using community Apps to improve my English skill. During that time I found that community APPs was one thing which could help people to get much improve on the English. Since people, who are using this community APPs, are often using English communication with other people, it contributes you to have more chances using English. However, if community APPs can have little bit change, I think that it will be better than now. The first thing to change the community APPs is only letting people who using English to communicate with other people. I think that it is the most important…show more content…
While I was using this community APPs, I could not communication with other people more than two days. Since we did not have the same hobby or culture, it meant that we did not have the same topic than we can discuss. It led that I could not get a chance to improve or use English. Here is an example from my friend. While she was using this community APPs, she did not feel fit in the group. Since she did not have the same topic with other people, people did not wanted to answer her questions. In addition, she could not find any people who could communicate with her in the APP so she could not improve or use English. Therefore, if community APPS can set one more system which helping people find right person who can communicate with, I think that people can get more chances to improve their English or talk with other
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