Community Boundaries In Calumet City

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Community boundaries are particularly important because they help define the identity of a community. Boundaries within a community can be physical or visual. Each community will have boundaries, borders or margins that separate the community from another. Boundaries can be marked by a map, laws, or by physical features such as a main road. Calumet City is in Cook County, Illinois that is situated near south-east of Chicago. It is north of Lansing and southeast of Dolton Illinois (The Electronic Encyclopedia of Chicago, 2005).
Calumet City is also bordered by Hammond, Indiana and the Village of Burnham, IL. The zip code for Calumet City is 60409. Some of the main highways roads in Calumet City are I-94, I-80, 294, I-57 and I-55 (Calumet
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Calumet City was incorporated in February 13, 1893. In the year of 1924, the name was changed to Calumet City. Native Americans were among the first to settle in Calumet City. Individuals who came from Asia passed through the region of Calumet City to migrate to warm climates. One of the first known families in Calumet City was the Schrum family and Faith Bayiley a dedicated nurse who served the community (Calumet City History, n.d).
In the 1920’s Al Capone an individual who had strong influence in organized crime also made an impact in Calumet City. Al Capone is one of the most famous American Gangsters (Calumet City History, n.d). During the early 1900’s the population of Calumet City doubled. The increase of population also increased the construction, public safety and industry. During the 1900’s many business were having a very difficult time keeping up with the demands of the people. There were many people looking to settling down in Calumet City and homes were not available (Calumet City History, n.d). Early accomplishments for Calumet City included water mains and hydrants “to supply water for domestic and fire protection were laid on nearly every street and wooden sidewalks were constructed” (Calumet City History, n.d). Lighting was also constructed and provided street lighting to residents of Calumet
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Attracting families and individuals in communities is essential. There are several of services provided to the community. Police and Fire departments work collaborated to provide services to community members (Calumet City, 2015). The Police department works with other agencies to address violence, gang activities and community policing. Calumet City Police Department has Neighborhood Watch meetings at 6:30 p.m. on Monday’s in the Police Station that is located in 1200 Pulaski Road (Calumet City, 2015). Another attractive location is the Calumet Public Library that can serve as meeting place for residents but also provides informational services and referrals (Calumet City, 2015). River Oaks Mall is a shopping location that attracts many individuals from Calumet City and from nearby
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