Community College Argumentative Essay

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Today’s education system seems to be a problem in America because the society feels they are not receiving a fair opportunity to succeed. Funding College can have a negative outcome because colleges may become overcrowded and community college colleague’s wages may decrease. Degrees wouldn’t mean as much and taxes may increase. Community college being funded by the government can also have a negative impact on universities because everyone would go to a community before going to a university which could cause many problems. Funding college would add to the nation’s debt because the government would have to improve schools by reconstructing it, so more people would be able to attend the school. More professors and staff members would have to be hired so the students can receive the proper education. With schools being funded, the students are less likely to take their education serious because the degree wouldn’t have the value as it did before, meaning jobs would have to change their requirements in order to find the person they need.…show more content…
Providing free community college tuition can be beneficial to our society, it can create a smarter generation for the future and can also give people the American dream that they are striving for. Free college can give people the opportunity to be successful and can provide more jobs in communities. Without education our country could potentially downfall by Americans having the lack of education they need in to survive in this world today. Providing funds for community college can help our country in the long run by having more educated individuals that would potentially lead our country in the
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