Community College Athletic Scholarships

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Michael Jordan, the best to ever play the game of basketball, earned an athletic scholarship because of his amazing talents. Athletic scholarships are used to give athletes the best opportunity athletically while receiving a reduction in tuition or free tuition. “The history of athletic scholarships goes back to the start of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in 1906” (Kibilko). There are major differences between each division of the NCAA; division one, division two, and division three. Lastly, is the other associations for student athletes such as Junior or Community Colleges and The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). In 1910 the NCAA changed its name from the Intercollegiate Athletic Association…show more content…
“Junior College athletics has been governed by the NJCAA, the National Junior College Athletic Association, since 1938. Utilizing a three division system kindred to that of the NCAA, it is comprised of 15 men’s sports and 13 women’s sports. There are roughly 45,300 students that compete in the association’s 24 regions, and over 50 national championships are hosted every year” (Community College Athletic Scholarships). Junior colleges are two year schools, very similar to the other college sports associations besides having the option for a four year academic or athletic possibility. Junior college sports can be very similar to NCAA division one, depending on the team and their talent. Most student athletes that play at a junior college are, in most cases, looking to play NCAA division one in their sport. As a Freshman in college these players may not be good enough to play division one quite yet. But after playing two years for a competitive Junior college school the player may now be ready to play division one. While playing for the Junior college players can also save money waiting for an athletic scholarship at a division one school, division two school, or even a NAIA school. “The average athletic scholarship for a male athlete is $2,360” (College Baseball & Scholarship Opportunities). “The average cost for an in-district student to go to a junior college is 11,580. With this the student will receive tuition, room, and board” (Average Published Undergraduate Charges by…show more content…
When an athlete has outstanding talent like a Michael Jordan or Anthony Davis in a certain sport their college could be payed for. The history of athletic scholarships dates back over a hundred years ago. Some student athletes continue their sports career because they 're passionate and love the sport they play. Other student athletes continue to play because their college is payed for them. Players who play at the division three level can not receive athletic scholarships so they play for the love of the game. Yet any other division of college sports players could play to have their college paid for. The major difference of each level comes from whether they can give athletic scholarships, how much you can give, and how much your school costs. NAIA and junior colleges are have major differences between the two, but also have few
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