Community College Benefits

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When I graduated from high school college did not cross my mind. I wanted to join the Marine Corps and serve my country for as long as I could because both my grandfather and uncle we’re both in the Navy. But since complications happened I ended up in Massasoit. I chose Massasoit because it has one of the best transferring programs and has the major I wanted to get into which is Early Childhood Education. When I applied for Massasoit I did not know much about community college, I just thought that it’ll be similar to highschool which is not at all I what I learned. Since most of my friends are going to community colleges I thought that it would be better for me to go to community college instead of University. Seeing that most students go…show more content…
Even if community colleges are getting more money, it is the student’s job to be committed and focus on their education. Students play an import role in raising the graduation rate because the numbers won’t go up no matter how much we are funded if the students aren’t committed. Everyone has a perspective on school, some students will try really hard while others just don’t care. In the Article “How to Escape the Community College Trap” by Hulbert we met with Daquan Mcgee. He was in prison for two years before going to community colleges. His past forces him to go to school full time, get a job and meet with an advisor every week and despite that he got a degree in less than 3 years. He is truly inspiring because if he can do all that and still get a degree what is stopping me from doing the same. If I want to be successful I have to be committed, even if the odds are against me. I still have to try my very best because you miss all the shots you don’t take. Of course just because community colleges aren’t funded more than they should be, they still have great programs to help students to be more successful. In the article Daquan was part of the ASAP program which gave him an advisor for his time in school that would help him and motivate him. Massasoit also has great programs to help student like us but again it is up to us the students whether or not to be
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