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Lacking an education in this time and era results in a more difficult life. Gaining the knowledge to live in this fast changing world is no easy task considering you learn something new everyday. Nobody will ever know everything, it’s impossible. But, being granted a free education for twelve years is a major benefit for us that slowly pushes us into the real world. The next question though is, what do I do now? You’re not a child anymore, you shouldn’t be relying on your parents forever, you have to find a way to support yourself independently. There are plenty of options to choose from to further your education so you can aspire to do what you want with your life, and have the mastery to back you up. To grasp the career you’re aiming for,…show more content…
If you are not sure about what major you are interested in pursuing yet, starting off at a community college could be a very wise choice. Beginning your bachelor 's degree at a community college, can save you a big chunk of money, with the tuition being about half the price as a university. Why spend more money if you don 't have to for the same thing? Certain general credits are needed to graduate from any college, and community colleges focus more on offering these which can help students with the subjects they may struggle with. This opportunity could also get you to where you need to be if you’re struggling with getting into the university you…show more content…
What most call one of the best experiences of their lives. An experience with a cost though. The majority of students want to go on this adventure at a university; want to be part of the student body to enjoy all the different events they’ve seen in the movies. However, is going to a university all it is shaped up to be? With that college degree, you are four times more likely to get employed than not having one. Jobs available without that degree, are beginning to disappear and they are almost non-liveable wages such as serving up fast food or checking out groceries; which really adds an incentive to attending college. In contrast to that, those with a college degree make almost $18,000 more per year than those who are without one. This is a big gap, that can possibly keep extending in the next few decades. With that higher annual income, comes the debt on the side. It may not seem worth it , but eight out of ten people state either ‘it is already worth it or it will be worth it.” If you are willing to work throughout college and after, you should be able to pay off those debts within a couple years. So, if you have a career path set on taking and want the wild experience of college life, I would attend a college

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