Community College Personal Statement

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Wayne County Community College is a focused yet disconnected box. This is understandable; a bulk of the students are older, more experienced, and already involved their field of choice moving towards a known purpose with little time to focus elsewhere. For an older student , this college could be the extent of their educational journey. However, for a younger student, this district is a transitional point rather than an end. Despite it 's stagnated nature, WCCCD has been a wonderful experience. The college has assisted in my growth both academically as well as socially. I have nearly completed my associates degree. I have participated the college 's bowling team and SSS (Student Support Services). As well as becoming a member of my community college 's chapter of Phi Theta Kapp.…show more content…
Nevertheless continued attendance at this college does nothing to further my ambitions. My major objective is to complete my bachelor 's degree. Wayne County is a two-year institution offering associate 's degrees and certifications along with a select number of a bachelor 's degree. Bachelor 's degrees in subjects I have little to no interest in such as business administration and nursing. Receiving a bachelor 's before continuing on to my master 's degree would be impossible at this establishment. Another goal of mine is to build a network to help find employment and increasing my knowledge of the career field I intend to enter upon graduation. This is not impossible at Wayne County it is, however, difficult when the field of my choosing is an academic one; Anthropology. I would like to continue my social growth. While universities share the focus that community colleges posses, universities leave room for social interaction and connection. Furthermore, when I chose to attend a community college instead of a university, I was well aware the two-year college would not be the final stop on my educational journey. Transferring was and is still the most logical course
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