Community College Reflection

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What have you learned? What did you enjoy about the course? I have learned that the community college has a lot of ups and downs and the communities, federal government and students are expecting a lot from the community colleges and they want them to continue to contribute towards building the economy by providing well trained and educated students to be placed into the workforce to help the U.S. economy progress. I have also learned that without the community college, a lot of students would have not get the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of succeeding in today’s modern society. The community college not only provide education for low income students, but they also provide great programs which help students to thrive and move on to…show more content…
It helped me to understand more about the community college and how I can help the community college continue to thriving. The overall course was well organized, easy to navigate around and find the assignments such as comments, module, grades and what I did not understand, Ms. Ali took her time to explain to me. I really enjoyed taking this class and getting to know my classmates and reading everyone’s view point about the community college.
Do you feel you have a better grasp of the "meaning" and purpose of the community college? Yes I have a better grasp of what the community college is all about and their mission to help students be successful. I also understand that they are there for quite a few reasons and one of the reason is to prepare students for the real world and to help build a better workforce and economy in the U.S. “Community colleges provide a wide range of technical training and many of these vocational programs include work-study components at local employers, providing critical job experience” (Bessen, 2015). Now since there are more demand for highly trained and well skilled workers, community college needs to increase their graduation
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