Community College Student Future Plans

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Why do you wish to attend XYZ University? How do you expect it to benefit your future?
I wish to attend Guilford Technical Community College because I think it would benefit my future. Attending GTCC would benefit my future because community college is normally a lot more inexpensive than a traditional four-year university. Getting credits at a community college then transferring to a four-year university could possibly save me fairly a lot of money. Going to a community college could help me with discovering different majors. By exploring different majors, I could get an idea of what I want to major in.
Going to a community college would allow me to adjust to college coursework. Attending community college would also allow me to stay close to home. I am also interested in the night courses that community colleges offer. Class schedules are available for students like me who are looking forward to working while
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Small classes will allow me to have individual learning from my professors. Small classes typically focus more on involvement through discussion and allow students to learn in a collaborating style that is typically not available at a large university. Working individually with professors will allow me to receive constructive criticism which will strengthen my skills and prepare me for a four-year university.
High school graduates who are unsure of what they want to study or intimated by the idea of a university may find community college to be an easier transition. Community college is a place to start fresh. Low high school grades or SAT or ACT scores will not carry as much weight when applying to a four-year university if you do well as community college. Taking developmental classes, such as lower-level math, science, or English courses, can make up for poor grades you received in high school. Admissions counselors at four-year universities like to see you overcome your problems and bettering
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