Community College Vs Four Year College Essay

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The article written on how choosing a two year community college over a four year degree shows a clear thoughts starting from the first paragraph by which the writer dresses his thesis statement. Considering a good thesis characters the writer addressed his knowledge regarding the topic which intern validates the whole article. From my persecutive, the paper clearly shows significant figures on possible opportunities for employment and career advancements by comparing and contrasting different thoughts. But i believe that it 's the success of individuals that matters most than the preference we might have towards institutions. If someone is able joining a four year degree program; all requirements holds true, that will be a great opportunity…show more content…
We can attend a broad range of high-quality courses at a low tuition cost within a convenient geographical location compared to taking student loan, and expend thousands for cost of living at a university. When we consider enrollment as a factor of decision, community colleges offer enrollment to students with a variety of educational backgrounds, from outstanding students who can’t afford attending a four-year program to students who lack the credentials to get into a four-year college, and to immigrants from all over the world like myself who may have a different educational background than those in the states. Payoff is additional basis for our decision. Many high-return fields, such as health care, computer programming are some examples offered by community-college for students requiring relatively low high-school GPAs but still availing the opportunity of better paycheck upon completion. Overall, community colleges play a principal role in increasing the earnings of students who would have difficulty lifting up their career prospects by completing a four-year study programs. If there is no prospect of enrolling in four year degree program, I believe that starting at a two year degree program is an opportunity to save time, and put a foundation for future career
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