Community College Vs University Essay

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There and many similarities and differences between universities and community college. Even though it 's all the same outcome, a higher education. People seem to see more differences than similarities.
Growing up our parents all want the best for us like get good grades, finish high school, and go to a good college after high school. What you don 't realize until you get a little older is that how competitive it is to get into a good school. For sport getting into the college of your choice might be just a little bit harder. I always want to get into be big university; I rather work my way up to big university.
Coming Straight out of high school some reason why your not comfortable you to a university maybe you didn 't get any scholarships
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A university would be a much larger size (Classroom and Campus). With larger size there would come a lot more responsibility. The professor might not notice if a student doesn 't show up so it 's mainly based on integrity. Also can bring some distractions. These distractions in the right way can ways to guide you. For example playing sport, the coaching staff will make sure you are focused and keeping your grades up to stay on the team. Not only the sport but also club, frats, or sororities. They will also have figures to keep you on trap in school. You might get much of this in a community college, sometimes they might not have the clubs/groups to join or might not offer that sport. With bigger size might also bring people just like like you. Because there are more people in your class you can find people that have the same studies habits as you. If you and some other classmates have a hard time understanding something you can form a study group or get all your questions answered at one time. You might not have the same luck with community college, the class could be too small to have people similar to you.
Also affected on size is the relationship with your Professor. As mentioned before the professor will not know the name of every student in a large class. Meanwhile in a same class of the community college it’s easier to get to know everyone better. So if you did need some extra help you can talk to the professor. The best kind of class would a comfortable
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