Community College Vs University Summary

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Summary “Community college vs. University,” by Jeren W. Canning appeared in Everyday Writing, 2014 describes some of the advantages of going to a community college vs. going to a university. The Author gives an example of his friend who went to the University of Utah, and the struggles he faced that lead him to eventually drop out. When it came time for Canning to decide which college to attend, he decided he was not ready to take on the university, and choose to go to Salt Lake Community College. The article goes on to lists some of the advantages of going to SLCC vs. the U. The tuition rate at SLCC averages around $2,300 a year, whereas the U can push $5,000 or more. Another benefit of the community college is the size of the class is…show more content…
Some of the information is this article is what lead me to choose the community college. I did not have a lot of money to spend when I graduated from high school, and being able to have financial aid pay for most of my education at the community college really open the doors for me there. This was a big deciding factor in why I choose to attend GRCC. As Canning’s friend Hooton said “At least I have a little money in my pocket after tuition, and now I feel I’m ready to take the next step” (Hooton). One thing that is different here in Grand Rapids than in Utah is the parking fee is high for students. Students must pay $3.50 every time they need to park. This can add up quickly especially if you have classes every day. I must say the size of the classes at the community college has really benefited me. It gives the teacher more time to assess questions I, or another student might have. Canning mentioned in the article that community colleges have many campuses throughout the state. I ‘m one those people fortunate enough to be able to take classes right outside my own neighborhood at the local High school. GRCC has many evening class you can take there, and it’s nice to only have to drive 2 minutes to class. I also believe that the education is very well structured at GRCC just like many of the Universities around the area. GRCC has just as many facilities for the students to use as most Universities have. Community colleges provide an excellent opportunity for student, who don’t have the money for a university, or are simple not ready to take on the whole university
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