Community Corrections Affects Prisons And Prison

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Community corrections were introduced in the 1970’s and provide sanction programs designed to decrease on jail or prison incarceration rates. It is a range of alternative punishments for nonviolent offenders. This program was referred to as front end sentencing because they allowed judges to sentence offenders to a community based punishment rather than jail or prison. Community corrections are starting to affect our prisons and jail houses in many ways. One of the ways community corrections affects the prison population is by decreasing overcrowding and provides less expensive alternatives to prisons and jails. Community corrections programs are incorporated sanctioning strategies which seek to achieve the following goals, 1the offender is punished and held accountable, 2 public safety is sheltered, 3victims and…show more content…
People that doesn’t agree with community corrections for various reasons such as corrupt police officers. Corrupt officers are known as grass eaters which means the officers who spend a large amount of time violently seeking out conditions they can adventure for financial gain and meat eaters which are officers that accept perks and receive small payments from any type of workers. Corrupt community correction officers participate in stealing drugs or money from their offenders or demanding sexual favors to stay out of jail or prison. Community corrections could be seen as a positive solution to life by still feeling like they are free from not being in jail or prison by living life in the outside world even though they know that they did something wrong such as a crime. It helps offenders to receive jobs, food, and a place to live. Community corrections also helps offenders learn from their faults and give them a chance to think about what they could do better and to help transform their

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