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TOPIC: How important of Sustainable Community Development Sustainable community development is development that mantaining everythings in long time from this generation to other generations in the future. Sustainability is important for environmental, social, and economic reasons. Sustainability practices can be integrated into an existing community, but are typically easier to plan and carry out during community development. A sustainable community resembles a living system in which human, natural and economic elements are interdependent and draw strength from each other. Sustainable community development is extremely important to our life. So, how important of Sustainable Community Development? Frist of all, sustainable community development…show more content…
Sustainable development practices would mandate a lower use of fossil fuels, which are not sustainable and which produce greenhouse gases. As the population rises, more people will be requiring more energy and will be putting an even greater strain on the world climate. So, sustainable community development is very important in current life. Finally, sustainable community development affect to society. It help to improve the quality of the life. It also support local farmers and encouraging the production and use of locally grown foods benefits the environment and is important for the economic well being of the community. In sustainable community development, we can access to fresh food which is essential to sustainable living and overall health. Morever, in this life, people will attent to the common eviroment more than. Especially, community gardens will be build such as parks, eco gardens, so on. They provide a safe habitat for native wildlife and encourage physical activity. Community gardens stimulate social interaction, decrease crime rates, reduce heat from parking lots and streets, and encourage continued community…show more content…
Sustainable development can reduce crime, conserve valuable resources, reduce waste, attract viable economic development, preserve natural beauty and culture, and bring communities together. By educating other members of your community, and by taking action to ensure your local government understands the benefits of sustainability, you can do your part to help the environment, your community, and the future of the planet. In the end, there is no argument beyond a political one when it comes to sustainable development. Sustainable development is cleaner, has the potential to be more efficient, has long-term potential and is is the only way forward for a growing world economy. People already use a huge amount of the Earth's non-renewable resources to live their everyday lives. As more people join them, more of these resources are needed and the faster these resources are depleted. Over enough time, sustainable development will no longer be an option for people who want to feel good about their choices. It will be the only available option for cities and regional development. It's simply a matter of time until there is no option. The question is whether humans have the will to make the transition toward sustainability on their own terms or if they will simply be forced to make a rapid transition when all of the other options finally run out.

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