Community Empowerment Model

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Analyze and evaluate the practical community organization model in terms of empowerment
One of the core principles of a community is empowerment. Oreoluwa cooperatives can aid some community development methods and values that strengthen the empowerment strategies. These in turn will make empowerment of the people in the community more inclusive, effective and sustainable.
Community empowerment describes the process by which communities increase the control over their lives. The people that are actively involved in the Oreoluwa cooperatives are spatially connected and often share some common interest. In order for the cooperative to be fully effective in empowering the members and the society at large, the following highlighted below must be
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I decided to modify a model that can help a social work to educate the members of the cooperative. The modified model is ‘skill around the group model’. This model will evaluate in terms of what skills do the group need to learn collectively, and some skills are directed toward the leadership of the cooperative as well. The model will also take cognizance of the skills already possessed by the members of the cooperative and how the skills can be furthered enhanced. Identifying the skills in a group can reveal the skill gaps among individuals which need to be addressed and to effectively harness the skills and put in a better use for the overall benefit of the group and the community at large. Detailed and periodical interviews will be carried out by the social worker to evaluate and track the improvement of the skill learnt by the…show more content…
These include communication and interaction patterns, cohesion of the group and its attraction for its members, social controls such as norms, roles, and status and group’s culture. Communication and interaction patterns are basic to the formation of all groups. Through communication and interaction, properties of the group as a whole develop, and the work of the group is accomplished
Groups generally begin with members exploring the purpose of the group and the roles of the worker and each member. It should be stressed that the members should provide a safe and positive group environment so that members can fully explore the group’s purpose and the resources available to accomplish the group’s goals.
Tension or conflict sometimes develops from differences among members. Conflict resolution and management skills need to be incorporated by the social workers to the members. The social worker should help the group resolve conflict by helping the group develop norms emphasizing the importance of respect and tolerance and by mediating the differences and finding a common ground for productive work
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