Community Essay: The Benefits Of Community Service

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Through community service, the community benefits, people are able to volunteer and give back to the community and make it a better place for everyone to be a part of. Services are offered and with the services a certain cause is worked upon.

For example:
• Planting trees in an area where may have been cut down, this is helping improve the environment but also helping the community at large.
• Another example is volunteering at a local hospital where there aren’t many staff to run the hospital.
• Providing education services like volunteering to teach English at a local school.
• Helping the elderly at a senior citizen home with their meal serving and doctor’s appointments.
• Proving help for low income citizens by collecting donations such as clothes, books and food.

All these services are done out of the goodness of oneself without any monetary benefit or any payback. There are many ways in which one can undertake community service, above are just a few examples. There are many places where you can find the opportunity to be a part of community service; most of the times mosques and churches have programs one can join, in addition schools and government agencies have areas where you can partake. Moreover it can also be an individual choice where
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The school works with many institutions where students can interact and offer services of help to these institutions. It enables students to see what goes on in many parts of the country and opens their eyes to a reality that they may not have even known existed. Students are allowed to integrate into the community and give back in whatever way that they can. It is an opportunity that all students undertake – an opportunity because they are able to continue this notion even when they are alumni of

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