Community Essay: Why Alpena Should Make A Museum

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Margret Gallup
303 E. Baldwin
14/AHS/9th grade
Beloved Community Essay Alpena might just be just another small run down town on a big vast map, but to me it is a gorgeous town full of character, and the opportunity to be great. Alpena is known for its parades, lakes, and beauty. However, there are many things that make Alpena less extraordinary. This includes lack of things to do and its lack of jobs. If you ask anyone for something to do in town they will most likely recommend the beach. This is not bad however, but it does not make Alpena a unique town. This is why Alpena should make a museum. Building a museum would make this community great for many reasons this, mostly includes, job opportunities. When my family and I moved to
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For instance, you would need a place to put it; the solution to that is all the old closed down places in Alpena. Alpena is filled with old shops and old restaurants that are no longer used; we could use the old Big Boy by the hospital. The Big Boy would make a great place to put a museum because of its location. The Big Boy is located on the lake, its view could add to the overall atmosphere of the museum. This however, is not the only problem for making a museum. A problem that is run into with any project is money. If the museum is not a government funded project the money has to come from somewhere. To fix this problem we could take a profit from selling the art. A few small percentages taken from the artists that sell their art work there would help out in a big way. We could also have an admission fee, or donation box to help with the money also. We could also start a fundraiser to help with some other expenses. In conclusion, to make Alpena a beloved community again I would build a museum. A museum is a good idea because it creates jobs, gives something for people to do, inspire people, and make Alpena better known. I think Alpena is more than another little run down town. I believe that Alpena can be a beautiful community, and that a museum can do just

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