Community Health Needs Assessment

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5. Community Health Needs Assessment: This is taken from module 5.2 of public health nursing in block 2. Community health needs assessment is a systematic process of knowing and exploring a defined community for assessing its health status and determining possible factors affecting the health of people. Book Author: Gulani (2005) The process involve the following - describing the state of health of local people, the identification of the major risk factors and causes of ill health; and the identification of the actions needed to address the risk factors. This is achieved through clinical experience and professional training and to be carried out before an effective treatment is given. 5.1 Personal Context:…show more content…
Combining population needs assessment with personal knowledge of patients’ needs may help to meet the goal. The costs of health care are rising, Medical advances and demographic changes will continue the upward pressure on costs. Health authorities had greater opportunities to try to tailor local services to their own populations, and the 1990 National Health Service Act required health authorities to assess health needs of their populations and to use these assessments to set priorities to improve the health of their local population (John…show more content…
Although the European Region includes countries with the lowest number of infant and child deaths in the world, it also includes countries where children are 25 times more likely to die before the age of 5. In addition, mortality varies not only between but within countries. Even high-income countries have child poverty as a risk factor for poor health and inequality is growing.(WHO). 6.3 Application in current job: Investing in health, social care and education in early childhood and working with families who require support to improve their parenting skills, has proven to be the most effective way to improve development and reduce inequality. Evidence shows that high-quality early years investments and services can compensate for the effects of social disadvantage on early child development and promotes the full developmental potential of all children. Routine health screening is also important for preventive purposes, early detection and early treatment of illness and disability. 6.4 Current
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