Brave New World Motto Analysis

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“Community, Identity, Stability” in Brave New World The World State in Brave New World was created under the motto “Community, Identity, Stability” (3). This motto is repeated numerous times in the book even if it is not spoken aloud. The World State has created a new society that follows this motto in every extent. If their goal in the World State is to follow that motto in every aspect then the people of the World State have achieved their goal. To truly understand and see how the motto was a constant in Brave New World it must be broken down into its three parts: “Community, Identity, Stability” (3). The way the World State establishes the first part of its motto is by using the Bokanovsky Process on the lower castes. The Bokanovsky Process…show more content…
These controllers are there to make sure the people of the World State stay in their boundaries and go along being happy all the time. These World Controllers have the power from banishing a citizen to an island to keeping John in the World State for an experiment. The World State even controls when people die. There is no use for people of old age in the World State so why be useless when their bodies can be useful. Even though soma is considered a miracle drug the world controls who gets to take it and when. The World Controllers don’t trust the lower castes to take soma and be able to wake up for work in time, so they control how much they get and when. That is why when John throws the Delta’s soma away they become infuriated. He disrupted their happiness and took away their stable schedule. To keep the new world stable the residents never talk about the past. One of the World Controllers, Mustapha Mond, says, “You all remember, I suppose, that beautiful and inspired saying of Our Ford’s: History is bunk” (34). There may be feeling and memories in the past that aren’t all happy, so why talk and remember them. Since there aren’t mothers and fathers in this new world babies are made in bottles. The World State controls those babies by choosing what castes they’re in and their future job. They control society even before its babies are born or decanted. Sure the World State is stable, but there is no true, genuine happiness that comes from complete control of
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