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Introduction For the purpose of this paper, my client will be named Leah. The agency 's mission is to render the highest quality care to its residents. Leah was referred to Andover and Subacute Rehab Center by her previous residency. Her family was unable to prevent her from begging in the community and abusing heroin. The agencies’ role is to restore its residents to their maximum potential. The goal is to help Leah reach her full potential so she could go back to live in the community with her family.
Before conducting the interview I read some of Leah 's files. During the interview, Leah appeared to be open and engaged like she was waiting for someone to share her story with. When I asked Leah, “Do you have any children?” her face lit up and she had the biggest smile. When I asked her questions about her past she would pause for a before she replied.I had to excuse myself and stop Leah from over talking
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Leah is a young bisexual mother of 2 living in a nursing home. Her sexuality is not a big problem because she is living in the nursing. If she was out in the community she would be perceived differently. Herek (2002) study found the following:
Bisexuals might be targets of greater hostility than gay people for a lot of different reasons. For example, a lot of heterosexuals may equate bisexuality with sexual promiscuity or nonmonogamy. Bisexual men and women might be regarded as vectors of HIV infection and or other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). (p.265)
Though Leah does not have aids or any other sexually transmitted diseases, individuals within the society will treat her as if she did have aids. Individuals are quick to make assumptions based on one 's sexuality. Leah likes to use her sexuality to manipulate individuals in the nursing home, which is not acceptable, but she continues to engage in that behavior. For example, she has multiple boyfriends and girlfriends that she uses to get gifts and money from, so she takes advantage of
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